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  • Do you want to make a difference as a Christian? 
  • Do you want every cent you provide to God’s work to be visibly active in the community around you? 
  • Do you want to show true love? 

Then SGC Celebrate is for you!

Our location click here

and our activity blog, click here

Who leads this work?

We acknowledge Jesus as our leader and God, Jesus' Father, as the one God supremely worthy of our full worship. We acknowledge Holy Spirit as the one through whom God's work is done daily by those who affirm and believe this by following the guidelines provided in the Holy Bible.

What is our fundamental statement of faith?

The contents of the Christian bible! However we summarise our beliefs using the Nicene creed, a contemporary copy of which is found on this site.

 Where does the money collected go? Every cent goes back into the community to help those in need. Each meeting we decide where our gifts are to go. This makes us fairly unique as a church!
Who can attend?

Anyone who has internet access or can get to Ken and Penny's home. See location.  Currently located in Kearney, Ontario, Canada, for those who want to attend in person.

Where is the primary Celebration location?

In the homes of believers who attend, currently in Kearney, and on the internet via the SGC Celebrate website conferencing and meeting tools. Currently we meet at the home of Ken and Penny on the right hand side of the road as you enter Kearney on HWY 518.

Why do we get together?

Celebration of the risen Christ with likeminded people who want to do something constructive each week as a result of their faith and want to serve their community with the power inherent in a Holy Spirit led group, who want to have fun, learn more about being an active Christian and just enjoying life as a Christian among friends!

What makes us different?

We care and we show it with demonstrated actions within our community. We plan to have fun together!

When do we get together?

Currently we plan to get together Sundays from 2:30pm to 5pm for our celebration. Work parties and other get together to serve the community could take precedent over this occasionally. There will also be activities on other days of the week, meeting our communities' needs in small ways as God makes us available.